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Updated on: January 16, 2018


GENYK, based in Shawinigan,Quebec, develops, manufactures and markets rigid and flexible polyurethane systems to meet all your needs.


GENYK is with you at each stage of your project, from research and development of polyurethane systems to the manufacture of specific products. GENYK offers all the expertise you need in a variety of different fields.

GENYK is committed to being at the cutting edge of technology to offer the best possible products. Also, we use renewable raw materials, develop no products that have negative impacts on the ozone layer and complie with all environmental regulations using the cleanest blowing agents possible.

With expertise extending to a variety of fields and a scientific team with more than 25 years of experience, GENYK is sure to meet your requirements and needs!



GENYK Polyurethane

1701 3rd Avenue, Shawinigan,

Qc  G9T 2W6

T : 819-729-0395

Toll free: 1-844-404-3695

Alain Mercier

Technical support

C : 514-743-8621

Benefits of BOREAL Nature


The application of BOREAL Nature quickly translates into savings on your energy bills. Up to 50% of the costs can be saved and clients can observe a decrease of heating and cooling of up to 35%.


Unlike other insulationg products, BOREAL Nature will remain in place for the lifetime of the building. The foam will not budge and will not disintegrate over time, in addition to resisting all bad weather.


The BOREAL Nature foam can only be applied by certified applicators who have undergone rigorous and continuous training by CUFCA. The mission of this organization is to train contractors and applicators on good application practices and to ensure on-site quality by conducting inspections


Thanks to its high adhesion to almost all construction materials, BOREAL Nature provides a superior level of waterproofing to all other insulating products. Our product blocks all air and moisture infiltration, thus allowing it, allowing it to withstand mold.


BOREAL Nature is the only product that is 100% made from Quebec. It has been designed by a local team of scientists who have more than 25 years of experience. They were able to develop a product adapted to our distinctive Quebec climate. 


BOREAL Nature contains a high proportion of renewable and recyclable raw materials and contains no ozone-depleting products. In addition, this product meets all environmental requirements by using the cleanest blowing agents, such as lavender water.

Information & technical documents


Expanded with LAVENDER water

The solution for your comfort!

Reduce energy costs and enjoy the comfort of your home

BOREAL NATURE is a TYPE 2 spray applied insulation polyurethane foam system, medium density specially formulated without any ozone depletion substances (Zero ODS). This system is formulated based on renewable substances, recycled products and is blown with lavender water. This lavender water generates a pleasant and fresh odour during the application.

BOREAL NATURE is lime green in colour.


The solution for a radon-free environnement!

Radon is a radioactive gas naturally present in the environment, that is created by the disintegration of uranium into soil, rock and water. It is impossible for us to see it, feel it, or taste it.
Radon moves freely through the ground, allowing it to be released into the atmosphere and infiltrate buildings by openings that are in contact with the ground.
In Canada, almost all buildings contain radon, and nearly 10% of residents have a concentration of this radioactive gas that is too high. 

BOREAL Nature polyurethane foam is THE most effective radon barrier on the market ! Having been tested for its resistance against this gas, results have proven its water resistance.


MC2 insulation

MC2 insulation

Insulation Roméo Boucher

Insulation Roméo Boucher

Insulation Roméo Boucher

Insulation Roméo Boucher

4 seasons insulation

4 seasons insulation

Pinnacle West

Pinnacle West



Double R Value Insulation

Double R Value Insulation

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